Will an Affordable Payroll Service Make Being an Employer Simpler?

By Kane Bergin

There are many rules and regulations employers in Ireland must follow, and some businesses purposely avoid growing too large, so they don’t have to deal with all the additional red tape and hassle they believe it brings. However, it needn’t be such a daunting prospect. If your business abides by the rules relating to employment, a workforce can be your biggest asset and help make your company grow and become more profitable.

Recruiting Your Employees

The first stage of being an employer is recruiting the staff you need. This can be time consuming if you don’t plan how you are going to sift through the many job applications and interviews.

Firstly, make sure the job description is very clear, including what experience and qualifications are needed, if any. Then when you are sitting with a huge pile of CV’s or have had many sent to you by email, you can discard any that do not fit the pre-defined specifications. This will help reduce the number you have to consider. The process of elimination continues until you have a reasonable number left to consider. You can eliminate further applicants by considering other factors, such as location, as the further away an employee is, the more likely they are to experience trouble commuting to work. Work your way through the ones you have left finding any that for one reason or another are just unsuitable.

It can then be a good idea to spend some time phoning your favourite candidates to find out a bit more and see if it’s worth meeting for an interview. Eventually, you should get your list down to less than 10. These should be the candidates you think are most suitable and are the ones you should arrange an interview with. Tell each of them they will not have your decision for a few days, just in case the first person you offer the job to turns you down. You will then be able to go to your second or third choice without having to start the process over again.

The alternative is you use an agency to do all the groundwork for you so that all you have to do is interview their final few choices.

Find an Affordable Payroll Service

The system for deducting taxes from employees is complex and not one the average person should attempt themselves without proper training. It can be very costly to make mistakes, with fines and penalties if you get it wrong. The easiest answer is to find an affordable payroll service, such as the one provided by Kane Bergin & Company.

Every year, tax rates and levy amounts change and quite often employment laws relating to sickness, holidays, maternity and paternity do too. Then there are other aspects, such as pensions, P45’s for leavers, submitting end of year returns in time to avoid fines, to consider. There can be many other things that are easily forgotten.

The Kane Bergin affordable payroll service can start at the very basics of registering you as a new employer and helping with employment contracts. The deductions will be correct, and your employees will be provided with whatever paperwork they are entitled to.

Running a payroll can be one of the most stressful parts of being an employer. Finding an affordable payroll service will simplify being an employer and take the responsibility of this off your shoulders.

Health and Safety is Vital

Now you have recruited your staff and found an affordable payroll service to ensure their wages get paid, you are ready for them to start work – almost. Your working environment must be a safe place, and you should eliminate any dangers or hazards wherever possible.

There are rules that apply to the safety of employees in all businesses. Things such as keeping walkways clear of spillages and obstructions applies to any type of company. All employees should be adequately trained for any equipment or machinery they must use, and if safety guards are needed, they should be in place and working correctly. There are other rules that relate to specific trades and industries, as some jobs are much more dangerous than others.

Some countries offer very little help in complying with health and safety regulations. However, in Ireland there is the Health and Safety Authority who have a very informative website, but will also help employers all they can. They are responsible for trying to ensure that more than 2 million people who work in Ireland can carry out their job without fear of being injured. They promote accident prevention by providing information and advice to all employers in the country.

Keep Them Happy to Increase Production

Research has shown several times that happy employees are more productive. Making sure your workplace is safe for them to do their job and using an affordable payroll service are just the start. Make sure they feel valued and not just a number. This only takes a simple thank you when they reach a goal you have set, or you could treat them to a pre-determined perk when team goals are met. Of course, they will always welcome a bonus in their pay packet, but you do not need to hand out extra euros for them to feel they are an important member of your team.

Take the Stress Out of Being an Employer

You need to be able to concentrate on what you are good at – running your business. The stresses of being an employer can reduce your effectiveness, so finding ways to make it simpler is one of the essential ingredients to your continued success. Speak to Kane Bergin about our affordable payroll service and you will soon realise how big the burden was after it’s taken from your shoulders.

You can call us on 01 969 6306 and have an informal chat about our affordable payroll service, as well as all the other ways we could help your business. Or you could email us, the address is info@kanebergin.ie. Whatever your business needs help with, let our experts guide you to make running your business as simple and stress free as possible.