Why you should use professional accountants in Dublin.

By Kane Bergin

There are numerous good reasons why you should use professional accountants in Dublin, however, not all of them might be immediately obvious. While the benefits can vary depending on how integrated the accountancy services are within your business, we can still look at many general things that will help improve the day-to-day running of your business, make you more profitable, and help you’re business to continue being a success.

If you want to know hoe professional accountants in Dublin can help your business to run more smoothly then please read below or contact us.

Professional accountants in Dublin save you money

There are many ways professional accountants in Dublin save you money. Firstly, outsourcing is cheaper and less hassle than having an in-house department or person. This is because you’re only charged for the time spent on your job, not a constant wage that remains consistent regardless of the amount of work done. Outsourcing also means less employees, which removes the need for holiday and sick pay, as well as the additional hassle that goes with ensuring you have cover when an employee is away. It also removes the hardware costs you’d associate with an additional employee, such as a computer, phone, and desk.

Professional accountants in Dublin will also save you money by providing tax advice and planning. They will help you to plan your tax affairs to minimize any future tax liability. They may also provide tips and advice in relation to how your company is structured that could also save you money. These two savings alone could add up to a substantial amount, making your company more profitable by reducing the outgoings.

Professional accountants in Dublin help you make more money

When it comes to making business decisions having access to the relevant information is critical. When professional accountants in Dublin provide you with monthly management accounts, accurate ledgers, and breakdowns of all critical aspects of your business, the quality of the information you’re basing your decisions on increases, which means you make better informed decisions.

It also means professional accountants in Dublin are keeping an eye on your figures every month. This allows the to spot any potential problems early on, allowing you to address them before they cost you any more than necessary. They may also make suggestions and provide valuable insights that not only help you maintain your business but can also help you to grow.

Your future is brighter with professional accountants in Dublin

When you’re working with professional accountants in Dublin, you’ll know they have your best interests at heart. Whether you take a longer view and consider retirement planning, or you’re thinking more short-term and want to ensure your immediate needs are met, professional accountants in Dublin will be able to help. Professional accountants in Dublin will have people that specialise in all areas, ensuring all your current and future needs are catered for.

It increases your peace of mind

The added advantage to the better-quality information is it gives you and professional accountants crucial information in plenty of time for you to take action. This doesn’t just lead to better business decisions. It also has the advantage of leading to better financial planning and ensures you remain compliant, removing the worry of getting in a mess.

If you’ve ever been in trouble with the Revenue, then you’ll know this peace of mind is priceless. Having confidence knowing you have professional accountants in Dublin supporting you at every turn to do with your bookkeeping, accounts, payroll, and taxation allows you to sleep easy.

You’re covered as you grow

Professional accountants in Dublin can expand or contract as necessary. This means you don’t have to worry about employing new staff, performing interviews, training people, and all the additional costs usually associated with growth. It also means you’re not paying for extra unnecessary hands during quieter times.

Another important aspect of the same team always working on your bookkeeping and accounts is that it provides you with continuity. Professional accountants in Dublin will maintain the integrity of your records whatever happens.

Professional bookkeepers and accountants in Dublin generate less queries

If you use professional accountants in Dublin to serve all your bookkeeping and accountancy needs, you are far less likely to get long lists of queries from just an accountant. This is because the team that look after your accounts will become familiar with your business and how it operates, and the accountant will know he can trust the work they have completed and will approach them first with any query he might have.

Access to a greater pool of knowledge

Professional accountants in Dublin will have a large team made up of people with different specialisms. This means whether your team need the advice of a tax consultant, a retirement planner, or one of the bookkeepers, you’ll always be receiving the best advice from a trained and qualified professional.

A personal service under one roof

Professional accountants in Dublin like Kane Bergin will provide all the services you need under one roof. Whether you’re a sole trader that just needs a tax return completing, or a national company with a large payroll and complex tax affairs, we’ll be able to help you. We pride ourselves on providing a personal service that doesn’t simply assign you a number and then forget you’re a real person with hopes and fears. We like to spend time getting to know you and your business, understanding how it operates and how you’d like it to improve. This allows us to tailor our services to be a perfect fit for your company. This is just one of many reasons we believe we’re the best professional accountants in Dublin.

We have over 30-years’ experience and have worked for clients in every sector imaginable. To arrange a free consultation and see how we can help you, why not give us a call on 01 969 6306. If you prefer, you can send us an email at info@kanebergin.ie or complete the form on our contact page and we will get in touch with you.